Project Prayer Guide

Please pray for each of our Partners and Projects:

For wisdom, guidance for the leaders of each project. Continued protection, deep faith and trust in God. That they will continue to be exemplary in their communities, bringing of many more people to faith in Jesus Christ.

Bethanie Baptist Church

Pastor Jean Claude Desinor and the church elders at Bethanie Baptist Church. For the Primary school that is now providing a state recognised education for over 400 children. For the 8 teachers who are sponsored by the charity. For the new 2nd floor extension to the school. For the implementation of a school feeding programme to help the most needy kids at the school.

House of Hope Children’s Hospital

Linda Felix and Jenny Reitz, the 2 Directresses of the hospital. For wisdom guidance, health and strength as they care for 80 – 90 kids. For all their financial needs to be met. For their continued witness of Jesus Christ to the surrounding community. The relocation to and establishment of the Our Hope Village project – a self sufficient, sustainable community that Linda and Jenny have a vision to set up to care for kids with disabilities and HIV/AIDS.

Beraca Vocational School

The Principal, Administrators and teaching staff who run the vocational school, providing skills such as carpentry, plumbing, IT to young adults, to enable them to find work. The school is facing severe financial difficulties due to low student numbers and competition from other vocational colleges. Please pray for wisdom and guidance. For a clear path ahead for them to follow and obedience and courage in their decision making.

Chansolm Baptist Church School

Pastor Emmanuel who leads the small church congregation in a very poor rural community. The construction of a state recognised school. Wisdom as to how this school will be established as the school classes are currently held in the very flimsy church building (walls made out of palm leaves). Provision of the funds to finance the school building and the support of teachers. Good health for the Pastor and his family.

Please pray for the country of Haiti.

Pray for the government of Haiti, for sound godly leadership, particularly in the aftermath of the earthquake. Real practical help from the international communities and richer nations with no strings attached. Significant progress in lifting people out of poverty, improving health, education and employment. Protection from the devastating hurricanes and consequent floods. Reversal of overfished seas and the shocking deforestation and soil erosion. Growth in number, strength and influence of the evangelical church.

Please pray for the Hands of Hope Charity.

For wisdom and guidance. To be God centred and focused. For energy, innovation and endurance. To successfully plant seeds about the work of the charity in helping the poor in Haiti. To find favour with the right people and contacts. To enable both young and old to understand Gods heart for the poor and to participate in this privileged work. To call new members to the charity whose hearts are committed to serving the poor.